Finding Excellent Internet Service

Use These Steps To Reduce Your Monthly Internet Bill

If you're pleased with your current Internet service provider but you'd like to save a little money off your bill each month, there are a variety of ways to go about accomplishing this task. While it might be tempting to get some rates from competing ISPs, this process can waste your time and is semi-pointless if you appreciate the quality of your current provider. Instead, call the customer service number and discuss these various ways that you can reduce your monthly bill without compromising your download speed or bandwidth amount.

Consider Buying Your Router

It's common for Internet users to rent their router from their Internet service provider; just check your latest bill to see if there's a nominal rental fee. While this approach is beneficial in the short-term, it can save you money over the long term to buy a router instead of pay a monthly rental fee. Check how much you're paying — call and ask your agent if you're unsure — and then browse online to find a comparable router and note its price. A quick calculation will help you determine how many months it will take for the router purchase to pay off. Some ISPs will even sell routers to customers, so you can explore this option, too.

Bundle Your Internet With Other Services

If your Internet service provider is part of a company that offers other technology-related services, it can be a good idea to explore bundling your Internet package with your home phone, cellphone or TV. This is an effective way to save a significant amount of money; the exact amount that you can expect to save depends on not only your specific Internet package, but also your phone and TV packages, too. Talk to your agent about making this switch. The extra advantage to grouping all these services under one provider is that you won't have to handle individual bills for each of these services every month.

Think About Sharing With A Neighbor

If you live in a townhouse, condo or another type of dwelling in which your neighbor is close, it might be worthwhile to think about sharing your Internet with him or her. You have to have a good relationship, but this simple approach can save you money. For example, if your neighbor cuts off his or her Internet service with a different provider and logs in to your wireless network with your password, you can split the monthly bill 50/50 and end up with way more money in your pocket at the end of the month. Just be sure to check your contract to make sure you aren't violating any usage agreements.

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