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Why New Jersey Colocation Is Not What You Think It Is And How To Benefit

If you were to ask several New Jersey residents what "New Jersey colocation" is, they might respond with "I dunno," or "Isn't that where people move in together and live together?" Actually, it is not anything you or any New Jerseyan might think it is, and as a retailer or grocer, here is how you can benefit from colocation too.

What "Colocation" Is

Colocation is not "co-habitation" or any other "co-" word you can think of. Instead, colocation refers to a type of internet service system. The internet provider provides internet service, data centers, equipment, and a singular location for all of the above from which to distribute and deploy services. That means that your store can utilize the same New Jersey colocation center as the Macy's on the next block and/or the Bodega on the corner. You all share the same off-site data center, internet service, and internet provider for a reduced cost.

How to Benefit from This Service

There are actually numerous benefits to buying into a colocation internet service. For one, you pay a very low monthly fee to have consistent service for your business, store, or company. That is probably the biggest reason most retailers buy into colocation, followed by the second most important reason--extra space. When your store or business needs a larger data center but you do not want to install or store the data center in your work space, the off-site benefit of a colocation data center is very appealing. All of that extra room means you can also put in extra products, goods, or desk space for employees.

Additionally, all data center and internet problems are handled out-of-office. That means if you have a problem with your internet right before the close of the business day on Friday, the provider can fix it on the weekend and not have to gain access to the store or office when it is closed. The technicians are all fully trained professionals too, so you do not have to hire your own internal tech support or IT professionals. This is especially beneficial for smaller stores and companies that cannot afford all of the extra employees and equipment.

Because your colocation data center is housed off-site, it has 24/7 security too. No one can break into the building, hack your data center, or otherwise tamper with the data center your company or store uses. It is totally safe, affordable, scalable, and beneficial to your store or business.

For more information, contact a colocation company in your area, like Cologix.