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On-Demand Internet Service 101: Common Faqs

From the days of dial-up until now, internet services have drastically changed from what they once were. What used to be super-slow internet speeds hooked up by telephone lines have no changed to be far faster and far more efficient. These changes have afforded some pretty great service provisions that are available from internet service providers, and one of those relatively modern services is on-demand internet. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding on-demand internet services.

What exactly is on-demand internet service?

On-demand internet service is a unique service offering that allows customers to purchase internet connection as they need it instead of paying for service by the month or year. For example, if an individual needs the internet for one day, they would simply connect to the digital signal with their device, select the on-demand internet plan they need at that time, and make a payment for the services. They can use the internet until their time is up or the gigs of data they have purchased have been depleted. On-demand internet is a relatively new service offering being provided by multiple big-name cable and internet providers. 

Why is on-demand internet service advantageous for some customers?

For some customers, it simply does not make sense to have a constant connection to the internet.  For example, someone who travels for work through the week and is only home on weekends really would not need a monthly internet service because they would only be using their service a few days out of the month when they are off of work. Having access to the internet on demand allows people to pay for only the service they need instead of paying for it to just be readily available at all times, which can be substantially cheaper. Another way internet service on-demand is advantageous is that it can allow people access to a secondary internet connection when it is necessary. 

Is on-demand internet service expensive?

The rates charged for on-demand internet service will vary according to the particular internet service provider you are getting your services from. The majority of the places that offer on-demand services will either charge you by a certain time segment or for so many gigs of data used. If there are multiple on-demand internet service providers in your area, it is always good to shop around to find the best price. Prices can vary pretty drastically from one service provider to the next.