Finding Excellent Internet Service

Why Fiber Internet Is The Best Choice For A Small Business

Do you run a small business and need to select a new Internet provider? If you have fiber Internet as an option in your area, it is definitely something you should consider due to the following reasons. 

The Speeds

One thing that makes fiber Internet unique is the speed advantages that it has over coax-based broadband options. This is because of the technology that is used to create the cables that transmit Internet data to your business. The fiber cables are made out of plastic and glass and are capable of transmitting data through light. This makes data transmission much faster than what you would see through a traditional coax cable.

In addition, fiber cables can be used to both upload or download data, so there is no difference in how the data is treated. You'll find that coax cable often has very fast download speeds and slow upload speeds, which is due to a limitation of the service. Multiple cables are bonded together for uploading, which are separate from those for downloading. Since more people download data, more cables are bonded together for downloading. This leaves a slower path for uploads that is shared among all users in a region.

The Reliability

You should also consider the reliability of each type of Internet connection for how it reaches your business. Fiber Internet cables are made out of a plastic and glass combination and are typically buried underground. This means that the cable itself is less susceptible to interference issues and less likely to break. This gives you better reliability at your business for a critical service that you need. 

Coax cable uses a physical wire that has the same infrastructure as your local cable TV service, with the cable strung between utility poles. These cables are more likely to break and be susceptible to storm damage, and the copper wire inside is susceptible to interference problems. If reliability is a concern, you definitely do not want to go with a coax cable Internet provider if you have the option. 

The Future Needs

If your business is depending on the Internet more over the years, you should think about your future needs as a business owner when it comes to the Internet. You are likely going to need faster speeds and more reliability as your needs for data increase, and fiber Internet is going to keep up with where technology is going. Why switch to fiber later when you can enjoy the benefits today? 

For more information on small business fiber internet services, contact a professional near you.